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First 20

First Love. First Twenty.

To an avid sailor, there's nothing like that first sailboat. And twenty years ago, when Beneteau originally introduced the predecessor of the First 20 it became the first love of new sailors around the world, with now over 3,000 units sold to date!

To mark so many years of success, the new First 20 Twenty was launched as an ideal entry level sailboat for anyone who has ever dreamed of sailing. She’s a beautiful, high performing, and trailerable! A true mini-yacht with real berths.

The First 20 Twenty features a square top mainsail, generous cockpit, lifting keel and an easily stepped mast to make sailing more fun for the entire family.


First 20

Design : Finot Conq et Associés

Length Over All : 6,40 m - 21’
Hull Length : 6,25 m - 20’6’’
Hull Beam : 2,48 m - 8’2’’
Light displacement : 1 245 kg - 2,745 lbs
Max Engine Power (Hp) : 8 Kw/10 CV - 10 HP
Propulsion : Out Board
CE Certification : C6/D6
Recommended price : Starting at US$ 36,670

*: from

(Price excluding engine for the outboard ranges)

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