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Swift Trawler 50

The Swift Trawler 50 is the latest addition to Beneteau's line of fast trawlers, exactly ten years after the first model was launched. The Swift 50 is the result of the continued collaboration of the Beneteau powerboat design office with naval architect Michel Joubert and interior designer Pierre Frutschi.

The IPS-powered Swift Trawler 50 retains the features that made the success of its predecessors – from performance and fuel efficiency to on-board comfort and equipment level – and more!

So how did Beneteau make this big trawler space even bigger?
We used our 100 plus years in designing functional, comfortable sailing vessel interiors. There’s an art to make a cabin comfortable. Not only must every square inch be utilized, it must fit its crew – not the other way around.
We achieved this while maintaining the exterior lines and overall style of the Swift Trawler by designing from the outside/in as well as the inside/out, simultaneously.



2013: European Powerboat of the Year Award 2013 in the Over 45' category.


Swift Trawler 50

Design : Joubert-Nivelt
Interior layout and design : P. Frutschi

Length Over All : 49'2"
Hull Length : 43'9"
Hull Beam : 15'3"
Light displacement : 35,274 lbs
Fuel tank capacity : 2 X 317 US Gal
Fresh water capacity : 2 X 106 US Gal
Max Engine Power (Hp) : 2 X 435 HP
CE Certification : B14/C18

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Locate a dealer

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